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HDTV Smart TV , Multiroom audio and WIFi Installations for Hotel Renovations

Hi5 Concepts Hospitality services have performed many installations. Our experienced, efficient professional TV installers have provided many solutions with invisible cord organization, all while complimenting interior design.

To keep up with technology and maintain Q & A scores, it may be time to upgrade your hotel room television to a newer model or upgrade your free to guest signal to High Definition. Hi5 Concepts has a certified team of professionals that can install your new units securely, and set up your new televisions to use your channel programming system.

Our team can securely attach your new hospitality televisions to various types of surfaces including wood armoires and granite countertops while maintaining the tone of your overall interior design.

Having installed many televisions in numerous hotels across the country, our team can install your hospitality televisions quickly and efficiently using a proven block room system that takes your rooms down for only a minimal amount of time with limited impact on your guests and your revenue stream.


Smartup Hotel TV

Why change your hotel TV when you can simply upgrade it and provide your guests with the latest Smart TV features and Apps, as well as information about your hotel and the services you provide?

With the Smartupbox you can affordably turn every hotel TV into a modern Smart TV. The comprehensive solution of smartupbox, gyro hotel remote and mysmartup-portal offers a unique service advantage: your guests can take full advantage of the internet in their hotel room!
They’ll have access to media libraries like, BBC iplayer or hotel informations in any language.

Features:DSC 0704

- Low cost of upgrading existing hotel TV´s to Smart TV´s
- Channels at request: your guests have the flexibility to watch their favourite programmes at a later time
- Added comfort of internet access via guest room TV´s
- Use of existing internet equipment (Wifi/LAN)
- Direct and focused presentation of in-house services
- Additional revenue possibilities by offering your guests a more extensive internet experience.
- Centralised management of personalised content
- Central monitoring of smartup boxes and TV´s
- Smartup box offers Wifi access when used with LAN



Commercial Satellite TV Reception Systems

Hi5 Concepts builds, installs, Satellite headend systems which is usually located in Hotels and Apartment buildings. This headend system will process digital satellite TV signals which are then distributed to each apartment unit on the property. We have designed, built and installed systems not for Home Owners Associations, Hospitality establishments, and/ or commercial professional office properties. In most cases where our headend systems are installed, we used few small satellite dishes which  are required to provide a signal to a headend system. Using fibre optic technology to transmit the Satellite Signal from the Dishes to the Headend will cause no loss of signal quality during the signal transport from the Dish to the Headend. Further, most of our headend systems are technically capable of delivering our service over your existing coaxial cable wiring on the property, so there's no need to rewire your community.

We can provide your establishment with professional installed systems such as:

- Headend TV Reception systems
- Hospitality TV´s
- Smartup Hospitality in-room entertainment systems
- Enterprise Wifi systems
- Multiroom audio systems
- CCTV Security systems

Our TV & Internet systems offer a revenue sharing opportunity, creating a new revenue stream to enhance rent collections.  Hi5 Concepts allows you to pick the level of involvement that best suits your needs.


Why the use of a Headend SystemTechnisat BS4 headend

Digitization of television is the driving force behind many actions related to the modernization of reception systems both in the case of individual antennas and shared antenna systems in multi-dwelling units. This trend also applies to professional TV reception systems in hotels, which are nowadays indispensable for the comforts of the guests.

One of the criteria for classification of TV systems in hotels is the programming to be distributed. The simplest systems may provide only free-to-air terrestrial TV broadcasts, whereas more advanced solutions will include satellite channels, also paid ones like Canal Digitaal (Holland), SVT World (Sweden), 

The content required by the owner/investor will depend on the categories of prospective hotel guests (Foreign, News and Thematic channels etc).

At the outset, it is worth nothing that hotels with TV reception systems based on these  Headends will not pose problems with the number of rooms (outlets). The cost mostly depends on the number and arrangement of channels received from satellite transponders. 

A larger number of outlets is only connected with the need to purchase additional amplifiers that usually are a small percentage of the total cost of the system.


Who do we work for

Hotel owners, developers, management companies, purchasing companies and general contractors have come to rely on Hi5 Concepts Hospitality division to handle everything from new hotel and resort installations to smaller scale renovations.

From the multiroom audio systems, Wifi connections, hotel rooms SmartTV up to the conference rooms video projectors with multi user interface.
Whether you are opening a new hotel or renovating an older hotel, a hospital, university, or property, we have the experience, resources and expertise to meet any requirements and/or deadlines.

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